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In recent years, the integration of students with disabilities (SWDs) in colleges has created particular challenges within the college system. The Ministry of Higher Education proposed a new approach to colleges. To meet these challenges, in June 2012, the Ministry created the Centres collégiaux de soutien à l’intégration (CCSIs) and defined their mandates and responsibilities. 

To fulfill their mandate, the CCSIs also participate in the various consultation tables and bodies on the topic of SWDs. They also manage and administer allowances for certain specialized services.


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Mission and Values of the CCSIs

The CCSI de l’Est (CCSI east) and the CCSI de l’Ouest (CCSI west) are the entry points for accessibility in higher education and support the entire college network in welcoming, integrating, supporting and including students with disabilities (SWDs).

Their mission is to offer diversified support adapted to the reality of the various colleges in order to contribute to the development of their expertise in accessibility for and the integration of SWDs. Their mission is also to contribute to the development, sharing, and transfer of knowledge and practices of the college network with respect to SWDs.

Several values drive the various actions of the CCSIs, notably the autonomy of the colleges, the cooperation between the various authorities and establishments of the network, the open-mindedness in a context of diversity and the adaptability for a service offer that meets the needs of people with disabilities. 

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13 bras tiennent 6 roues dentelées de différentes tailles qui s'imbriquent les unes aux autres. Photo.

Team - CCSI de l’Est (CCSI east)

Here is a part of the East team, always ready to help you as part of the support offered to students.

(Geneviève Beauséjour, interpreter, not on the picture)


Team members
Les huit membres de l’équipe administrative du CCSI de l'Est pose à l'extérieur. Photo.

Team - CCSI de l’Ouest (CCSI west)

Several people help support the Adapted Services teams in their work with students with disabilities.

Team members

Main Collaborations

It is through its network of partners who support accessibility, success, employability, and research with SWDs in higher education that the CCSIs are able to carry out their various mandates with the college system.

College Contact Information

The CCSIs work with more than 70 public and private subsidized colleges in Quebec.

List of colleges
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For questions about services offered to colleges.

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