CCSI Mandates

The CCSI west and the CCSI east are mandated by the Ministry of Higher Education to provide services for the reception, integration and inclusion of students with disabilities (SWDs).

Specifically, the CCSIs are mandated:

  • To support and accompany the institutions of the college network in the reception, organization and delivery of services intended for SWDs in order to promote the integration, retention and academic success of this student population; 
  • To promote the development, networking and sharing of expertise in order to strengthen the autonomy of the college network institutions in the development of their local organization of services to SWDs; 
  • To support the public and private college networks in the annual production of available statistics on the number of SWDs, the type of disability, and the services offered to SWDs attending the public and private college networks; 
  • To manage the mobile fleet of specialized equipment; 
  • To coordinate specialized services for deaf and hard of hearing students (interpreting service, live closed captioning service, dedicated group classes); 
  • to support the institutions of the network, as well as the Ministry in processing physical and educative assistance requests (phase 3) of the sponsored private colleges and physical assistance requests of all colleges;
  • To respond to requests for accommodations in alternate formats for students with perceptual disabilities (e.g., offline closed captioning, audio books) or visually impaired (e.g., braille, music braille, e-text);
  • To participate in various roundtables and forums on the subject of SWDs; 
  • To respond to requests for departmental participation in projects it implements to promote accessibility, integration, and college success for SWDs;
  • To participate in any other mandate prioritized by the Minister or recommended by the Orientation Committee.