Labour Market

After graduating from college, some people will move on to the job market. This is an important and crucial step as it may define their future. Many will be working there for the first time; for others, it will be a first job related to their program of study. In order to prepare for a smooth transition, certain skills will be developed through study or personal experience.

According to Adecco, the top ten soft skills companies value are: communication, time management, emotional intelligence, adaptability, creativity, empathy, organizational skills, collaboration and teamwork, problem solving, and leadership.

Adecco’s specialists suggest searching for job offers in one’s field of study in order to become aware of the soft skills one will need when entering the job market. 

Some competencies may be developed through general education and others through personal involvement, volunteer work, student employment, interpersonal relationships, etc.

On the job market, professional autonomy will be more important. During their college path, students with disabilities (SWDs) have generally been able to benefit from the support of those around them and their college’s Adapted Services team. In the job market, they will have to demonstrate their competencies and be responsible for their professional development.

In the job market, help to overcome limitations, to have a better productivity and competitiveness is also available. This assistance can take various forms: accommodation, accessibility, accompaniment, wage subsidy, etc.

To find out more, you can meet with an employment counsellor from one of the 25 specialized labour services supported by Services Québec. You can find one of these organizations in your area. A list of these organizations can be found on the ROSEPH website – Regroupement des organismes spécialisés pour l’emploi des personnes handicapées. You can also find a wide range of information relevant to your future job search.

Having the help of a specialized labour agency is a lot like having the help of the college’s Adapted Services. The employment counsellor can guide you and make recommendations on the obstacles and challenges you may face in the labour market. They have access to various tools that can help with integration and job retention. Here are some examples of what could be offered: development of a skills assessment, job search strategies, job preparation, workplace accommodations and accessibility, referrals to employers, wage subsidies that can either allow for the acquisition of a first work experience or compensate for limitations, workplace awareness, assessment of work abilities, intervention with employers to maintain employment, etc.

Having the help of a specialized labour agency is a lot like having the help of the college’s Adapted Services.

Many organizations work tirelessly to promote the hiring of people with disabilities. Some companies subscribe to an employment equity program, and for equal qualifications; they will prioritize the hiring of people with disabilities. Certain accommodations may also be granted in the evaluation of your application, if applicable. It is important to mention that it is possible to use certain accommodations when writing the exams of the various professional orders.