Offline Closed Captioning and Speech to Text Transcription

As part of its alternate format production services for SWDs in the college network, the CCSIs provide unilingual offline closed captioning and speech to text transcription services for audiovisual materials.

This service is available to SWDs enrolled in courses where video or audio is used to deliver content for in-person or remote courses.

This service provides synchronized subtitles of the words in the video, all in the source language of the subtitled video. Subtitles are provided through a file that can be read freely by the SWD, or under supervision in a college exam room, depending on the educational needs. These are always documents viewed offline and not during a live broadcast.

This is a service that is mainly offered to the deaf and hard of hearing population, however, closed captioning may be relevant in particular contexts, and depending on the needs analysis, for students with, for example, a language impairment or autism spectrum disorder. They are therefore available to accommodate any SWD who may need them.

To access this service, contact your school’s Adapted Services office.

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