Courses for Students Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDHH)

SDHH can enrol in reserved courses that are held in small groups. These reserved groups reflect the unique realities of this student population.

Reserved groups are offered specifically for general education courses in the French sector. Humanities and ESL courses are more cyclical, and so are not necessarily available every semester. The specificity of these groups refers to their composition; These are only SDHH, who sometimes come from other Cegeps through sponsorships.

Teaching is done taking into account the challenges related to deafness while aiming to achieve the competencies of the Ministry of Higher Education (MES). The small size of the groups makes it possible to respect each person’s pace of learning.

To enrol, contact your school’s Adapted Services office.

Neuf individus en conférence : cinq en présentiel; quatre à distance, affichés sur l’écran d’un portable géant. Graphisme vectoriel.