Continuing Education

Continuing Education also provides in-study support services for adults with disabilities or limitations so that they have the same opportunity to succeed as other students.

To make arrangements, you must contact Adapted Services.

Students with disabilities (SWDs) enrolled in a continuing education or corporate training program also have access to accommodations and services to address their limitations in the classroom. As with regular students, an assessment of needs must be done by an Adapted Services counsellor or other person designated by the college. We invite you to communicate your needs to the person in charge of reception and orientation at your school.

SWDs whose training is funded by Services Québec will need to apply to their agent to have the costs of the various accommodations covered, where applicable. The college will need to provide you with a list of accommodations with justification/proof of your needs and a cost estimate.

For SWDs whose education would not be funded by Services Quebec or who would not be eligible for assistance from Services Quebec, accommodations will be covered by the college attended.

In order for the professional to properly assess the needs of the SWD, certain information or documents will need to be provided by the student. We suggest that you bring all relevant documents that could help the professional make an accurate assessment of your needs (diagnosis or diagnostic evaluation, high school or college intervention plan, comments and recommendations from teachers or specialists, authorization to communicate with these people, etc.) to the initial meeting.

In the event that the SWD does not have access to these documents or they do not provide the counsellor with a clear picture of the needs of the SWD, additional information or validation of the condition by a health specialist qualified under the Quebec Professional Code may be requested in order to target and implement all necessary accommodations and services.